Will A Terrier Suit You?

Terriers are cute, full of energy and independent, in short, every attractive trait there are. However, he is laced with this fearless nature that more than often puts him in a dangerous path. With the tons of energy inside his tiny body, he will not be satisfied with some sedated walks around the blocks or the park. He loves to run, and jump, and fetch, which needs to last for at least 30 to 45 minutes every day. 

He is also a famous escape artist, who can only be kept in a house with the best dry dog food and a fully secured yards with high fences that can not be climbed upon, dug under or jumped over. If you think that the underground electronic lines under the ground of your fences can keep him, then you are wrong. He can not help himself with this strong prey drive, so he can not help that he is totally untrustworthy off leash. Therefore, you would be wiser to snap on some leashes when you are not there to kept an eye on him. The breed was designed to dig for prey, which means he always aims for the ground, therefore reconsider adopting a Terrier if you value your carefully designed garden. It's not like the best dog food for Golden Retrievers will eliminate all these rather negative traits of his.

This dog can fill your life with love and laughter, if only you can fill his with attention, supervision, training and the structure that he demands. If you are a new player in this dog game, or if you are more of a reserved person with a kind of timid personality, then we advise that you go for less challenging dogs. You could do yourself this favor by considering really carefully what do you need, what is your personality, what do you expect from a dog, how much time and effort do you plan to give him before adopting any dog at all.