What Make Akitas So Special?

Akitas are courageous dogs, they were born to be guardians, the protectiveness is within their blood. These dogs would go great measures to protect their family, dogs or humans. Unless there is a sound reason, he does not bark, unlike the Beagles who thrive on the best dog food for beagles. But when he does bark, it is vocal with amusing grunts in combination with moans and members. Some owners even go as far as claiming that the Akita can mutter under his breath. As he does so, he seems to be talking to himself. In the meanwhile, the kids in the house will find out that the Akita follows them everywhere, as they do the laundry the dog will offer his opinions on how to load the clothes, as they are playing the Akita will kindly remind them it is time for bed. Impressive, is it not?

These “talking” traits are indeed fascinating for members of the family, who is already familiar with the dogs. However, Akitas show visitors a more aloof attitude. As a matter of instincts, the dogs are warier of strangers. But if you tell him that these people are okay, he will be welcoming to the house guests, as long as you, the owner, is home. Do you socialize your Akita puppy enough? (If your Akita is already an adult, you can retrain him) The thing you should do is take your Akita puppy for as much exposure as possible, the same thing that you should do with the Shelties, who really like the Best dog food for Shelties. If he gets to know many friendly people, he can lower his awareness down. However, Akitas will always be Akitas, the dignified and sober one, not a party guy. 

As far as we know, there are few dog breeds that can be wonderful as the Akitas. With the Japanese origins in him, the values of an Akita will never fade.