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web design process

Web design process

What is the process of setting up a new website for clients.

Analysis and design of web pages

In order to create an overall strategy for your online presence, we need to get to know you well. First of all, we will take you under scrutiny: we will examine your activity, purchasing processes in target groups.

In the planning process, then we determine the main goals in the functions of the new website, analyze competitive companies and their online presence, and prepare a list of keywords. With the help of making t. me. “Customer” in understanding their buying paths then determines a strong strategy for creating new websites – the foundation of all further steps.

Creating a good user experience

Creating a website that is formally powerful is not only a matter of aesthetics – it is a strategic approach with which all the elements work together in such a customer, they lead, inspire and give him a reason to return to you.

In the process of creative planning, therefore, we first determine the overall image in the tone of your web pages and install the sockets in the calls to the campaign, which will guide the activities of their clients. On the basis of the data from the analysis, we are planning innovative shopping routes, responsive design templates and content that stimulate customer response and provide visibility from search engines. This creates an advanced user experience that is tailored only to your target user and increases the ability to generate a conversion.

Development and maintenance

Already during the creation of a website with our WordPress programmers we make sure that the page works quickly to the smooth. We connect it to social networks, adapt to different devices and take care of optimization on the spot.

Similarly, when the development of the website is completed, we do not leave you alone: ​​by regular maintenance, we will make sure that the website continues to work smoothly, and with proactive solutions we will continue to take care of your sales and technical challenges and lead you to the sales target .

Websites’ growth

The growth of your websites depends not only on its functionality, but also on whether potential buyers in the flood of opportunities also find you.

With our marketing team, we take care of a comprehensive and innovative marketing strategy, which will help us strengthen your online presence in the future, increase online sales, and put you high in search queries.


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