Whale sharks in Cebu

It is indeed a meaningful and pleasant place to stay if it has more than just what is expected of the area. Foreign and even non-local tourists are attracted not just the scenic area but what it has to offer to them and perhaps exceed their expectations. There are a lot of historical and tourist […]

Devil Dwelling in the Water manga review

DEUS VITAE             D’v  • Takuya Fujima • Tokyopop (2004) • Kodansha (Magazine Z, 2000–2002) • Shônen, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action • 3 volumes • 16+ (language, violence, nudity)             In the year 2068, Earth is ruled by the android Selenoids (who look and act just like people), while humans are reduced to a dying […]

The Whale Sharks in Oslob

Time after time, Cebu has a lot of new things to offer, new places to go to, new activities waiting to be completed and a whole lot more. It isn’t new to tourists and even locals in neighboring places about the wonders and beauty that Cebu has to offer. They have wakeboarding, sky jumping, zip […]

Short Term Rental Units: 5 Important Things to Check Before Booking

Affordability, privacy and the freedom to live like a local, are just some of the benefits of short term rentals. As a result, they have become a popular choice of accommodation for many people on holidays. However, to be able to find the right place to stay for you and your family, there are things that […]

Read This Before Going Umbrella Stroller Shopping Must Know Tips

There are lots of reasons why umbrella strollers are some of the most in-demand kinds of strollers on the market. A big reason is simply that it is user-friendly (check out more benefits here). If you're planning on going to busy areas like crowded streets, theme parks, or on the bus, then consider purchasing an […]