Whale shark and Canyoneering Packages in Cebu

There is one perfect tourist attraction that non-locals and foreign tourists keep coming back, and that is from the south area of the province of Cebu in the Philippines. Such attraction include whale shark watching and canyoneering which day after day has an apparent increase of tourist visits. The memorable experience is no other compared […]

Whale sharks in Cebu

It is indeed a meaningful and pleasant place to stay if it has more than just what is expected of the area. Foreign and even non-local tourists are attracted not just the scenic area but what it has to offer to them and perhaps exceed their expectations. There are a lot of historical and tourist […]

Devil Dwelling in the Water manga review

DEUS VITAE             D’v  • Takuya Fujima • Tokyopop (2004) • Kodansha (Magazine Z, 2000–2002) • Shônen, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action • 3 volumes • 16+ (language, violence, nudity)             In the year 2068, Earth is ruled by the android Selenoids (who look and act just like people), while humans are reduced to a dying […]

The Whale Sharks in Oslob

Time after time, Cebu has a lot of new things to offer, new places to go to, new activities waiting to be completed and a whole lot more. It isn’t new to tourists and even locals in neighboring places about the wonders and beauty that Cebu has to offer. They have wakeboarding, sky jumping, zip […]

Short Term Rental Units: 5 Important Things to Check Before Booking

Affordability, privacy and the freedom to live like a local, are just some of the benefits of short term rentals. As a result, they have become a popular choice of accommodation for many people on holidays. However, to be able to find the right place to stay for you and your family, there are things that […]

Read This Before Going Umbrella Stroller Shopping Must Know Tips

There are lots of reasons why umbrella strollers are some of the most in-demand kinds of strollers on the market. A big reason is simply that it is user-friendly (check out more benefits here). If you're planning on going to busy areas like crowded streets, theme parks, or on the bus, then consider purchasing an […]