Top Five Popular Trends in Modern Bedroom Furniture Sets

Though popular trends in modern bedroom furniture come and go, the following are 5 timeless trends in modern bedroom furniture that are sure to make your bedroom not only more modern, but more enjoyable to live in.

Top Modern Bedroom Furniture Trend #1: Simplicity is the Virtue

The most current modern furniture trends all point towards simplicity. Gone is the garrulous and ornate furniture piece. Today's modern bedroom furniture sets feature clean, elegant lines that have a minimalist aesthetic and an understated look. Floating Japanese-style platform beds, which have a sleek, sophisticated look, are a perfect example. Match your platform bed with organic linens to remove toxins from your environment and create a more holistic feel.

Top Modern Bedroom Furniture Trend #2: Space is a Limited Resource, Use Effectively 

Despite the trend toward smaller and smaller homes, the effective use of space is a hallmark of today's trends in modern bedroom furniture sets. This means that the design of a bedroom should be thought out so as to create a peaceful and open environment, even within the limitations of low square footage. The use of decorative Shoji screen room-dividers adds both height and depth to a bedroom that may be limited in size. These Japanese-style dividers create privacy, but also work great in lofted spaces, effectively partitioning one large space into multiple smaller spaces with varying purposes.

Top Modern Bedroom Furniture Trend #3: Create Space, Go Clutter Free!

Modern bedroom furniture sets require the setting aside of space that may not have existed before. Most people have closets and hampers to store clothes and shoes in, yet in many homes, clothes are all over the floor, on top of dressers, draped over chairs, or flung unceremoniously into the corner of a bathroom. Bedrooms also become impromptu storage lockers for when visitors come to the home.

Create space by clearing out all the clutter in your bedroom. Set aside space by committing to keeping things off of any horizontal surface that does not need to be used daily. Throw out trash or junk that has accumulated in your bedroom, and donate all clothes or other items you have not used in the last year. 

Top Modern Bedroom Furniture Trend #4: The Way of Things is Natural

When it comes to creating the perfect modern bedroom, natural materials are the way to go. Jute and other coarse natural fibers work great for curtains and rugs. Soft natural materials such as cotton, silk, and rubber tree-derived latex make great linens and mattresses for platform beds. Bamboo makes great flooring, modern bedroom furniture sets, or even looks great standing upright in an earthen vase. Not only are natural materials sustainable, they help to create a Zen feel about the modern bedroom. Natural colors in earth tones and muted grays are a nice change of scene from hospital white and suburban beige.

Top Modern Bedroom Furniture Trend #5: white modern bedroom furniture Should Evoke Emotions

Major components of black modern bedroom set sets, such as Japanese platform beds, tatami mats, or Shoji screens, should evoke emotion. Modern bedroom furniture sets should exude harmony, and should help us feel more relaxed and calm after a long day. Remember that the modern bedroom is meant to be a tranquil haven for physical and emotional restoration. So try not to bring in cable television, leftover work, or other distractions. Reserve your bedroom for what it was designed for- rest.

Bonus Feng Shui Tip: Get rid of clutter hiding behind doors in your home, when this is complete you will sense more energy flowing in your home, and you'll also enjoy a great sense of accomplishment!