Tips For Taking Your Degree Overseas

The current economic recession has difficult job markets around the globe and graduates are still finding it tough to get stable jobs.

In such difficult and testing times, teaching English overseas has emerged as a fantastic opportunity to make and travel. Lower living costs and adequate wages have made these tasks very popular. Along with this, they improve your employability skills.

Recent British council survey

A Recent British council survey estimates over a billion people that are learning English worldwide indicating the huge pool of opportunities available for pupils with TEFL certification.

Increased demand. Increased requirements.

It is relatively easy to find work as an English teacher and there are still plenty of jobs out there where all you need is the ability to speak English. For decades, people have been happily teaching English overseas with their utter knowledge of English and an inclination to travel.

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How to get a TEFL certificate

Despite the fact that TEFL qualification isn’t crucial to teaching English overseas, it increases the probability of enhancing your employability and seeking higher salaries. A reputable TEFL class will make it very easy for you to find teaching jobs abroad.

There are two important variations of TEFL course with regard to the time span.

  • Shorter duration courses (from 60 hours) which aim at improving your teaching confidence by getting you acquainted with issues like how to handle a classroom, prepare activities and teach a lesson.
  • The longer duration courses (such as 140 hrs or CELTA) are a lot more comprehensive as they provide a deeper insight into the intricacies of teaching English as a foreign language.


The Way to get a Good TEFL job

Once you’ve completed your TEFL qualification, the next step is to consider one of the following ways to find a teaching job based on your preferences,

Search from Home: Organizing project from home can help you tackle issues associated with travel and visa arrangement. Having a job aligned at the other end makes your travel experience far more sound.

Wait until you’re in-country: Seeking job prospects once you land in your travel destination lets you check the region, inspect schools and meet other teachers before you begin.

– Use a TEFL Job Agency: This is possibly the simplest and effective way of finding a job abroad. Make sure that the agency is reputable and reliable. Some of the course providers have internship programs, which can be worth considering if it is your first time teaching English overseas.