Tips On Choosing Correct Fiber Optic Cable

Courtesy: datatalknz

For someone planning to install fiber optic cable in their house, it is important to consider a few things beforehand. It is an important purchase and one must have done proper research beforehand to make the right choice. Below is a list of tips for choosing the correct fiber optic cable for your needs.

1. Decide the fiber strand size

It might become quiet overwhelming when you decide to buy a fiber optic cable. There are many fiber strand sizes you would be required to choose from. The core size and the cladding size ratio will specify the fiber strand size for your cable. The 50 core size with 125 cladding size is the best if you are looking for good transmission distance and bandwidth.

2. Multimode or single-mode

If you want your fiber optic cables for a shorter distance go for the multimode. It is more economical and can transmit up to 550 m Gigabit Ethernet. You can also find several performance levels for the multimode cabling depending on the distance such as OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4.  However, single-mode can offer more distance and mostly has unlimited bandwidth.

3. Indoor or Outdoor

If you plan on having outdoor fiber optic cabling, make sure that it is water blocking. Indoor cabling usually does not account for it and are usually tight-buffered cables with two coatings. Hence, decide where you want to install the fiber optic cables and then buy the one which suits your needs the best.

Therefore, remember these tips for choosing the right fiber optic cables for the job. You can even get useful and specific advice from a cable equipment company in your area.