Tips For Bird Controlling for Property Managers

Whether you are a property manager of a large hotel, condo complex, or industrial building, you know that it’s no easy task to take care of the upkeep and maintenance of your property and maintain tenants content.

 Birds, as you may know, cause all kinds of costly headaches. Their droppings can discourage tenants from leasing suites or units since nobody wants to live or work in a building that looks unkempt and unsanitary.

Bird droppings can also cause maintenance problems with rooftop ventilators, AC units, skylights, solar panels and rainwater runoffs. All can lead to costly repairs.

Bird Spikes

The ideal solution for deterring large birds such as crows, gulls, and pigeons from rooftops, parapet walls, ledges, light fixtures, and signage. Birds don’t have a prayer in trying to property where bird spikes are found.

For bird watching guide (which is also known as “ไกด์ดูนก” in the Thai language ) You can also take essential information; expert advice through online bird protection sites.






Sonic Bird Control

Best for keeping pest birds off rooftops, Sonic Bird Control apparatus broadcast distress and predator calls that convince birds they risk being attacked by predators. The calls seem like normal bird calls to the human ear so that they won’t annoy tenants.

Flexibility is important when choosing sonic bird control. One sonic device now on the market can broadcast distress and predator calls for 22 unique species of birds. It covers a complete acre and can be set to turn on or off at night. Incidentally, do not get an ultrasonic bird deterrent, for they are largely ineffective since birds can’t hear the sounds they generate.