The Way to Upload Your Document by FTP!

What's FTP?

FTP is File Transfer Protocol that is an application to move files between your personal computer and the site hosting host.

What's website hosting host?

In easy site hosting servers are also computers where your site files are saved. Even though the server place isn't for you, it can be in a different country, however, you can get there everywhere by log in details that the server supplies you. You may get more info about FTP Server Software through

The Way to Upload Your Document by FTP!

How do you easily transfer files between your personal computer and internet host?

The simplest way to move between your pc and site would be using an FTP program. You will find a lot of ftp applications online that you may use free. Just go to and also earn a hunt with free ftp download. You'll find a lot of links. Just try one.

The way to install FTP program

After installing an FTP program you may set up your site server there. It's extremely straightforward. You'll need to set there your site server that's generally your domain name such as or sometimes it is User and password you'll get it out of your site host.

The way to move the document

After establishing the FTP server if you join there you will understand your personal computer document at a window and site file in a different window side by side. Now just pick a file from the personal computer that you would like to upload. Click on an icon that reveals transfer file.