The Philosophies of SEO – White And Black SEO

In fact, the SEO professionals themselves, as well as their approaches, can be divided further into two diverse groups. The classes are best recognized as “white hat SEO” (which is meant to be enhancing complete site quality and growing the site’s ranking through accepted approaches), or “black hat SEO” (regularly use approaches such as spamdexing and cloaking to raise rankings.  You can also read some great SEO articles – free by clicking here.

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But using such techniques can lead to a website to being eliminated in search engine listings).  Those from the white hat camp fee that black hat approaches aren’t just providing SEO a bad name but will also be trying to manipulate and undermine the research positions.

The black hatters counter that argument by stating, in fact, all SEO is an effort to manipulate positions, and so the specific approaches one uses to boost positions are immaterial.  Quite simply they take the more Machiavellian method of utilizing the outcome to justify the way they use.

These approaches typically involve following the search engines’ printed guidelines concerning what is and what is not acceptable.  The advice typically provided by the white hat SEO specialists is to produce additional user-friendly material, and not concentrate so much on the various search engines.

That’s if your website is nicely put together and gifts something users want it will obviously climb in the ranks.  Also by creating content that’s readily accessible to the search engines spiders, it is going to be correctly read and so are properly indexed in the search engines.