The Incredible Chickens Guide

In an effort to have fresh eggs, healthier chickens, drug, and insecticide free many people are raising chickens at home!  There is a whole movement swelling of suburban people becoming backyard enthusiasts and urban farmers.  It is no longer an idea from the past, it is current and growing!

I wanted to learn more and find out how feasible it really was to raise chickens in this day and age.  I went online and began my search.  I was shocked by the amount of people interested in this subject and actually helping others learn how to raise incredible chickens too!

I would have to say the best site I found during my research was This is a totally comprehensive site that covers everything you would ever need to know about raising chickens.

From how to prepare before you actually get chickens to how to raise chicks to how to get your hens to lay and everything in between.  For instance did you know that you need to check with your local government as there may be regulations and permits required if you want to raise chickens?  I had no idea!  This site even tells you how to talk to your neighbors in order to keep them informed and happy about your incredible chickens! even tells you about the four main categories of chickens and which ones would be best suited for you!  You can learn all about how to keep your chickens healthy! Everything from the best possible diet for your chickens to how to protect them from disease can be found on

I also learned that you can actually train your chickens!  I had no idea that was even possible!  Incredible Chickens teaches you how to train them to answer your call, allow you to pet them and to follow you around!  How cute is that?  They get so detailed they even tell you what treats you can use while training.

Worried about how much space you have in your backyard?  Regardless of the amount of space you have Incredible Chickens tells you how many chickens you should have based upon the space you are using.  People are raising chickens in the city, suburbs and out in the country!  You can even find chicken coop plans and kits on this site!

I was genuinely impressed with the amount of information and how easy it was to read and understand.  Even if you have no previous knowledge about chickens, this site will make you an expert in no time!

If you have even thought about raising your own chickens this is the best source of information available on the web!  Every question you have will be answered!  Amazingly, even questions you didn’t know to ask are answered!  This is a must for anyone with any interest in chickens or in having fresh healthy eggs!

Incredible Chickens lives up to its name!  It is truly an incredible all inclusive site with everything you could ever want to know raising chickens at home!

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