The Hoover Bagless Canister Vacuum

The designers at Hoover worked hard to find a way to avoid having part of the dust being suctioned scatter back onto the carpet. They found it. This led to the WindTunnel technology, patented by Hoover. They coordinated the brush roller action with the airflow, and this way, all the dust is captured and directed into the cleaner.  It no longer partially returns to the floor or carpet from which it just came. It is the WindTunnel technology that is the key to the efficiency of the Hoover bagless canister vacuum.

Maintaining all of the dust inside the unit is already a big step towards improving the efficiency of a vacuum cleaner, but Hoover did not stop there.  They went one step further and added a self-cleaning HEPA filter, for which the patent is still pending. The HEPA filter is the best available dust and particle filtration system. It was developed to eliminate the radioactive particles in the air in manufacturing plants during World War II.  It is proven to remove even the most miniscule particles from the air and surfaces, including bacteria, allergens, mites, and other contaminants.  It makes sense that, if you are going to all the trouble to aspirate the dust in your home, this process should also include removing other particles which are bothersome or even harmful.  A home without contaminants is well worth the effort.

The unique feature of the Hoover self-cleaning HEPA filter is that it has the capacity to clean itself every 6 seconds.  In this way, the filtration it provides is always optimal.  Hoover developed this special filter so that it would not need to be replaced.  Even the belt has a lifetime guarantee, and never needs to be replaced. 

If you are vacuuming across different surfaces, the Hoover bagless canister vacuum has sensors which provide what they call Surface Command Electronic Height Adjustment; without bending over or needing to reach, the brush adapts to the depth of the carpet or to a solid floor.  If you do want to adjust the brush height manually, there is a convenient dial which you can turn yourself at will.  When you want to use the hose, all you have to do is set the vacuum upright for the brush to shut off automatically and divert the suction to the hose. These are only some of the reasons why this vacuum cleaner is a smart investment.

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