Silestone, Corian And Other Worktops

Different kitchen worktops each have their own specific features, Let me take you through why we offer to select areas we do and examine, for the case, the dissimilarities between Corian and Quartz Worktops and expect this will help you whenever choosing the right surface on your own worktop projects.

The top could very well be the most widely known quartz worktop and a continuing and effective online marketing strategy of the marketers spent some time working well to earn its place as the very best placed surface in its course.  You can also browse the web to get more information about Silestone worktops at

It really is, like its contemporaries, Caesarstone and Compaq, a quartz surface or made stone comprising over 90% quartz crystals coupled with polyester resin, colouring pigments and because of its Stellar range coatings, mirror fragments.

These materials are compacted at ruthless with a continuous heat range to create the natural slabs in readiness for circulation to fabricators.

Most identifiable because of its brand name popularity, Silestone is often regarded as a distinctive bespoke surface type yet it is created using the same process utilized to make other quartz floors and is recognized from them by the addition of Micro ban, the anti-bacterial mixture.

Favored by specifies and homeowners, the color palette carries a wide selection of colors and coatings that prove favored by buyers. Silestone looks forward to a great reputation with fabricators and clients alike but my very own judgment is that the top is not any safer than another we sell.