Night Vision Cameras and Illuminators

These are various types of cameras which can display a picture even if the area is darkened. There are several practical applications of night vision cameras and foremost amongst these programs are for area security purposes.

Limited in a way that its vision only reaches to several feet during nighttime. This simple fact is extremely crucial to security guards of an extremely sensitive construction where the perimeter must be tracked at all times. This is where night vision cameras come in to help protect the area by efficiently tracking the building’s perimeter, displaying clear pictures of even darkened areas.

High speed camera are those that use near infrared illumination technology. Its popularity stemmed from the fact that it can create quality and clear images at minimal cost.

This type of night vision camera utilizes another device called the infrared illuminator. These infrared illuminator devices emits a bright infrared light which is invisible to the eye, but can be seen and detected by means of a night vision camera. There are many useful references regarding laser services at

Oftentimes In a LED array configuration, these illuminators have between twenty five to thirty, higher intensity, infrared emitting LED lights. Though when powered on, this infrared illuminator may seem to be doing nothing at all when viewed with your naked eyes, it is in reality emitting a low frequency light that’s very bright when viewed through a night vision camera with near infrared technology.

If you try to point the illuminator in a dark area and see it through the camera, it would return an extremely vivid monochromatic image. In effect, these infrared illuminators act like an invisible spotlight that “illuminates” a certain area for the near infrared cameras to see.

This near Infrared camera and illuminator combination is often integrated with intelligent scene analysis and video motion detection devices to further enhance its monitoring capability.

To top it all, it’s affixed to an automatic swivel mechanism which pans the perimeter between one hundred twenty to one hundred sixty degree angles. This makes for a trustworthy low light monitoring system that security employees can use to help them guard certain sensitive locations.

This Kind of security Combination is extensively used in high risk areas like research In fact, even convenience Stores and banks use this sort of security system to monitor the perimeter. This demonstrates that its practical application when it comes down To security issues is really very efficient.