Marine Diesel Engine Maintenance – Engine Cooling

Knowing the marine diesel engine cooling system is an essential portion of marine diesel engine maintenance.

Raw Water Heater

Flexible impeller pumps give an efficient solution to the majority of raw water pumping demands. The principal benefit of a flexible impeller pump is that it’s self-priming, meaning that if the vanes of the impeller are gloomy and muster, they produce their very own vacuum, drawing fluid to the pump.

A sterile pump can lift water up to up to three meters. Hence a flexible impeller pump being used for motor cooling doesn’t have to be manually falsified or found under the water line.   For more information about diesel engine, you can also visit:

A general characteristic of all flexible impeller pumps is that they can’t be allowed to operate dry for over 30 minutes.

Both the impeller and the seals demand water for lubrication and will soon burn out if run dry. Components that begin to show wear may be replaceable and support kits are easily available for many versions.

Fresh Water Heater

For flow of this inner, shut, refreshing water circuit of the heating system it’s not uncommon to utilize a flexible rubber pump if it’s located on the chilly side of the machine (max. 55°C).

Cooling Ability

The essential output of this cooling system pump is associated with motor type and size, as well as the size of this heat exchanger and exhaust system. This can be true for both raw water in addition to fresh water treatment systems.