Making a Living by Becoming an Advocate in HSR Layout

Do you want to become a legal advocate in HSR layout, Bangalore? First of all, you need to rethink about your choice of profession. There is a lot of competition among legal advocates in the city of Bangalore. Not just in Bangalore, There is a lot of competition throughout India and it is not easy to make sustainable income by becoming an advocate in India. Particularly, in a small area in HSR layout, you would have to fight with many other experienced lawyers. You need to be specialized in order to get clients who pay well.

On the other hand, if you want to become an advocate in HSR layout to do social service, then it is not such a bad idea. There are lots of poor people in Bangalore and other parts of India who require legal assistance. You can help them as a lawyer by offering your legal services for free or by charging low fees to such people who are economically weak. Of course, there is a lot of competition even there too. But, at least you will do something which would make you feel good as an advocate. You can still succeed as a commercial advocate in HSR layout, but you need to work extremely hard.