How To Use The Whole Vegetable

One of my pet peeves is throwing away unused pieces of my vegetables.  One day I was making a veggie mix for my pasta and noticed how much I wasn’t using and was being tossed into the garbage.  I decided to do some research and find out different ways I could continue to use those pieces for other meals.  Not only does it reduce waste but it also has helped stretch my dollar at the grocery store.  Here are a few tips I found.

Making a vegetable stock is a wonderful way to use all of your left over pieces of vegetables.  Every part of the vegetable will have and add flavor, including; garlic skins, herb stems and carrot peelings.  I started putting all my scraps in an airtight container and once a month making a vegetable stock from it.   Because I usually cook for one, I sometimes only use half of the vegetable.  For example if I am sautéing and want a mixture I usually have vegetables left over, using the other halves to make a soup is a great way to mix it up.  Adding grains or legumes will help to balance out your soup.  You can even use your some of your veggie stock!  Weight Loss San Diego is not always easy but using fresh ingredients and not wasting can help you to be more thoughtful about your food.  What are some other ways you can use all parts of your vegetables?