Health Insurance Scam: What You Should Identify

According to the Insurance Information Institute, health providers and facilities such as doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic labs and attorneys routinely shot to deceive the health insurance system with devastating results. Due to widespread deception, scams and abuse in the health care system, customers are forced to pay the price literally through rising medical costs and rising health insurance premiums.

How do they do it? In a number of ways, including:

  • Billing health insurance companies for costly treatments, tests or equipment patients never had or never received.
  • Double or triple billing health insurers for the similar treatments.
  • Giving health care recipients unnecessary, dangerous, or life-threatening cures.
  • Vending low-cost health insurance coverage from bogus insurance companies.
  • Stealing medical information and using it to bill health insurance companies for phantom treatments.

You can fight health insurance fraud by keeping your eyes and ears open for abuse. You can get the best health insurance plans from the Plano Insurance.

Be particularly alert for providers who:

  • Charge your health insurance company for services you never acknowledged or medical procedures you don't need.
  • Give you prescriptions for measured substances for no justified medical reason.
  • Bill your health insurance company for brand-name drugs when you really get generics.
  • Distort cosmetic or other health care procedures not typically covered by health insurance plans as covered.