Groups of Dog Breeds

People tend to divide dogs into different categories based on their particular characteristics. However, all of these dogs need the best dry dog food for Dobermans and best dry dog food for Pitbull.

Toy dogs: small and fragile dogs that are always full of energy. Despite their sizes, these dogs are not wimpy: they will stand their ground even when facing with bigger dogs. They shed little and fit well in apartment life

Sporting dogs enjoys the forests, woods, and water. They often have good personality and need a good amount of exercise

Non-sporting dogs: A varied collection of dogs in all kinds of sizes, colors, personalities and appearance

Herding dogs: They are good at controlling other animals, and are intelligent enough to be trained into assistant and companions on the field. These dogs, however, have a strong need to herd so they can become irritated easily if you don't give them a job. Without missions, the dog may take out his boredom on you, your kids or the belongings in your house. There have been cases of herding dogs bite their children. This is their way of showing their herding instinct. Therefore be prepared to give him lots of exercises before you get him into the house

Working dogs: large, strong and powerful dogs that may not fit new owners. Even though they are smart, owners with experience in training and handling may better

Terrier dogs: feisty and energetic dogs that have little tolerance for other dogs and animals. They are assertive and fit assertive owners who can keep the rules.

Misc dogs: New dogs that have not been listed on the AKC list of breeds, which you should research further and ask for owners' experience.

There are hundreds of dog breeds out there, therefore you can always work more on the details to look for the best fit. This will be a member of your family, therefore a little time invested will result in years of loyalty and companionship.