Choosing The Right Material For Decking Is Also Important

Courtesy-Burns Home Improvements

If you have made up your mind to get some decks made for the house or maybe the roof then it’s also time for you to think upon the kind of material you would be investing upon. It’s very important to streamline things in mind before bring them to action.

There are basically three kinds of wood that can majorly be used in decking. The companies that provide timber decking in Perth have prices differing with the kind of wood you want. The following materials are used in the purpose of decking.

  • Hardwood decking- It is a product of the broad leave trees and is one of the most strong and durable kind of timber available in the market. This is the most expensive type of material used for the building of decks.
  • Softwood decking- The softwood timber can last for a decade or two and is usually suitable for the people looking for a low cost decking as this timber is very economical.
  • Composite decking- As the name suggests here there are two types of composite materials one being a mix of wood and plastic while the other being wood-free.
    • Wood and Plastic mix- These materials have a warranty of 10 years and can easy sustain up to a time period of 25 years. Such compound mixes are low on maintenance as well.
    • Wood-Free- This one is basically for all those who look for a wooden look which has no maintenance attached to it.

The kind of material you choose totally depends on your choice and budget but the escalated look the place gets with the timber decking is spectacular and you would never regret it.