A Brief History of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand

Chiangmai has a very long history and was available since the 13th century to place it in to context at the same period when England still laid claim to part of France so once the fantastic Khan Kublai was going to sieze power in China.

Chiang-Mai owes its base to the River Ping that has been within the centuries that the city’s station the Gulf of Thailand.If you are planning a trip to Chiang Mai then book your package tour Chiang Mai to watch the beauty of Thailand.Related image

The payoff of a massive populace within this abundant and broad river valley gave rise into the feudal kingdom of Lanna(The Million rice fields).The ancestors of present afternoon Thai people talked Tai, a SinoTibetan language, cultivated rice and dwelt south of the Yangtze lake over the forefront of Yunnan in southern China.

Over a few centuries that they proceeded in to South East Asia, also, by the 13 th century, both had reached the northern fringes of the Khmer empire, even one of those being people Tais who defeated the realm of Haripunchai (dating from the 9th century ) from the north of Thailand under the direction of King Mengrai (1259 – 13 17) and established that the Kingdom of Lanna.

Lanna’s golden era was the 15 th century, during that time it controlled all what is now northern Thailand, north west eastern eastern Laos, the southern Shan states of Burma as section of southern Yunnan in China.