Beach Bag Essentials List


Australia is known for its huge coastline, people all around the globe visit Australia for its beautiful beaches. Most of the time people forget to pack the right things for their day out at the beach. There are certain things that are a must have when you pack for the beach.

Here are some essential items that must be in your beach bag:

  • Let’s start off with a good water proof beach bag that you will use for storing all your beach essentials. Go for a duffle bag or clear plastic bag that isn’t small. Several swimwear brands Australia wide offer totes that are perfect for beach days. 
  • Sunglasses are another essential item at the beach. Since it’s too sunny at the beach, sunglasses come handy. Aviators are our all-time favorites but you can choose any style that you like.
  • Next up is a pair of slippers, these can be made out of rubber or plastic. Until it’s good enough for the beach and doesn’t soak water, it is an excellent choice.
  • A beach towel is what helps you stay sand free when you are sun bathing and enjoying the warmth. Pick out a towel that soaks water, dries up quickly and it is big enough for you to lay down on it.
  • Sunscreen is another item that you cannot skip. Australia’s summer sun is said to be quite harsh so you need to protect your skin with a sunscreen that has SFP of 50 or plus.
  • Bluetooth portable speakers or hands-free will come handy if you are visiting the beach alone.

If you want to relax and reading books is your thing then do carry your favorite book to the beach so you can read it while sun bathing.