Devil Dwelling in the Water manga review

DEUS VITAE             D’v  • Takuya Fujima • Tokyopop (2004) • Kodansha (Magazine Z, 2000–2002) • Shônen, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action • 3 volumes • 16+ (language, violence, nudity)             In the year 2068, Earth is ruled by the android Selenoids (who look and act just like people), while humans are reduced to a dying […]

For Patients, Medication is the only answer?

New research is giving a dose of good news to pain sufferers. The top five pain conditions generally treated in primary care settings – back neck pain, osteoarthritis, pain, acute headaches and migraine, and fibromyalgia – were assessed. “The research from National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health brings greater focus to the utilization of […]