Audio Video Matrix Switch

It helps multiple audio and video sources to be sent to multiple screens developing a matrix of interconnection chances. For much greater settings, these buttons may be cascaded.

Though multiple inputs are sent to multiple inputs, signal integrity is kept as every output signal is buffered out of every input and also the graphics are clear and crisp as when they have been directly on the origin. Resolutions up to 1900 x 1200 are encouraged by this gadget. You can buy audio video splitter product code VS0104,อุปกรณ์  4-Port VGA Splitter with Audio for best outputs.

a/v splitter

The origin selection might be accomplished by using a pushbutton facing the video matrix switcher, via the infra-red remote controller, RS 232 or via TCP/IP access. Depending on the sort of video signs they encourage, all these components are classified as CAT5 VGA and Audio matrix switch, Part mode switch, composite matrix switch, DVI mode switch, HDMI Matrix switch, VGA audio/video and cat-5 sound video switch or perhaps a rack-mount IP KVM Matrix Switch.

Not merely do they differ from the kinds of video that they encourage, however, also on account of the form of cable used to secure the connections. The links may either be fastened with standard UTP wires or via ordinary VGA cables.