3 Steps to Selecting the Right Industrial Cables for Oil and Gas Projects

Courtesy-TE Connectivity

Large scale oil and gas projects require suitable equipment to be used very cautiously while carrying out numerous laborious tasks. A Cable equipment company gets this equipment especially manufactured for these purposes, keeping in mind the magnanimous range of these projects, both longitudinally and thousands of feet below the ground.

3 steps for selecting the suitable industrial cables for oil and gas projects are:

1. Select the cable jacket first:

The projects related to oil and gas fields are usually carried out in harsh environments. The climate could be really harsh; there could be a storm and there could be a drought all around. Selecting the suitable cable jacket will help your cables perform better and transmit signals more proficiently. Their durability will increase, covering a large amount of time duration of your project.

2. Check for oil resistance:

You need to check the amount of oil exposure that the wiring can get on site. There are different types of cables, which protect the cable from oil damage, varying upon the conditions of the surroundings.

3. VFD cables:

In order to install and use pumping motors for oil and gas refineries, VFD cables are used. VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives) control the speed of these motors, which in turn proves to be beneficial in reducing the cost of the entire mechanism. It is recommended to use VFDs of different kinds in order to increase the productivity of motors and reduce frequent maintenance.

While the equipment is custom made, so are the wires and cables. Any ordinary cable does not fulfill the demands of these large scale projects.